3 positions the Miami Dolphins have to upgrade in free agency and the NFL Draft

Of course every unit can use a slight face lift but some units need a big-time make over if this teams wants to seriously contend.
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Tight end needs to be a priority for the Miami Dolphins.

Kudos to Durham Smythe for having a solid second half of the season in regards to receiving but we all know that the tight end position has been the equivalent to the 9th important guy on Danny Ocean's team.

There were way too many times when Tua was going downfield in situations that didn't at all call for it. Yes, a good amount of that is because Mike McDaniel can't help himself and loves nothing more than having 3rd and 4 and calling a play to go 18 yards up the sideline or one of those in-breaking routes he can't get enough of.

The other reason this happened in my humble opinion is that there wasn't a player that he trusted to command the short middle of the field consistently.

I think it was before the Cowboys game when Greg Olsen told McDaniel that he needed to get the tight end more involved. McDaniel said that was the next progression in the offense.

Well, that progression needs to be a reality this coming year.

Some realistic tight ends that I'd enjoy Miami researching are Noah Fant and Harrison Bryant.

In the NFL Draft, we all know about Brock Bowers. I've loved everything about Bowers for years but he's likely to be gone at 21. Guys such as Ja'Tavion Sanders out of Texas and Ben Sinnot are guys that can really stretch the field and can also block well enough in McDaniel's system, I think.