3 positions the Miami Dolphins have to upgrade in free agency and the NFL Draft

Of course every unit can use a slight face lift but some units need a big-time make over if this teams wants to seriously contend.
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Another corner or two is what the Miami Dolphins have to bring in.

If you want to go ahead and make the case that the Miami Dolphins have a new cornerback coming, one that they drafted in the 2nd round last year, you can do that. They have Cam Smith and I have to bet unless the universe is indeed the cruelest thing ever that Cam Smith will be used on the field.

But even still, the Dolphins need more. They always end up with a ton of injuries in the secondary so having a plethora of guys that can go in is important.

Plus, with Xavien Howard being cut after June 1st, Grier needs to focus on the cornerback room, like he always does. It sucks because Howard has been a consistent player since getting here in 2016. I think he's been the best play Miami has had since he got here but we all knew it was ending this way.

We don't know exactly how new defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver will be playing his front seven, which sort of dictates what the secondary will be doing. He said in his intro press conference that when he blitzes, he wants it to mean something as opposed to when you blitz and want it to have zero meaning. He also said he plans on using Jalen Ramsey as a highly sought-after chess piece that everyone loves.

In lieu of all that, I'm just going to make the blanket statement that the Miami Dolphins need more help at cornerback. You cannot go into training camp with Kader Kohou as the only real option opposite of Ramsey.

There are some really good options in free agency, and I wouldn't be completely shocked that even with the Dolphins' cap situation, they don't go out and pay for another corner. Some realistic names that I can see Miami kicking the tires on are Levi Wallace and Keisan Nixon. Some early college guys I like are TJ Tampa from Iowa St. and Kalen King from Penn State.

Chris Grier loves himself corners and has a decent track record(just let me forget about Noah) of bringing in decent secondary help. No, I don't know exactly what happened with Cam Smith but I'm guessing it was out of Grier's hands.

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