3 positive ways the Miami Dolphins can evolve because of the De'Von Achane injury

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With no Achane the McDaniel more inside running may be in order for the Miami Dolphins.

Raheem Mostert
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Understand, the Miami Dolphins are still going to run outside zone plays from all types of formations. It's their bread and butter and they do it very well even without De'Von Achane. But Achane does run it the best.

Raheem Mostert is very good at it as well but not like Achane. He's at a different level with it with his speed and patience.

This is okay because without Achane this could force McDaniel to tap a bit more into that run game guru world he once occupied with the 49ers and draw up some more, creative, inside runs.

Runs such as that toss that is designed to go up the A and B gap is something that may get called a bit more. I think the offensive line can do that pretty well and I really think it bodes well for the team to try and get just as good running inside as they do outside.

Some of the teams coming up such as the Eagles and Chiefs, you know the real teams in the league, are quite good going side to side. Attacking them right at them may be the way to run the ball effectively.

Plus, with Jeff Wilson Jr. coming back, just in time. he would be more suited to run inside compared to the other guys. Just something to think about.