3 positive ways the Miami Dolphins can evolve because of the De'Von Achane injury

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Chris Brooks
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Achane out opens the door for others to play well

I'm not breaking any news here but De'Von Achane isn't going anywhere. Regardless if anyone steps up and produces like Adrian Peterson, Achane will have a prominent role when he comes back.

But, his missing time opens the door for others to get some looks along with himself and Mostert. Mostert has had three fumbles in the last two weeks.

I mentioned earlier that Jeff Wilson Jr. will be coming back possibly even this week from his injury. Salvon Ahmed who looked awesome in the preseason will now, probably, be looked at to be a guy that can take those sweeps to the edge like Achane has been doing. And I will never lose sight of Chris Brooks, who had a Chris Cooley-type h-back role last week against the Giants as he stepped in for Alec Ingold who got hurt and did a fantastic job flattening fools. I think he has a terrific balance of power and agility that will eventually pay off for the Dolphins.

I guess I'm saying that what was once a position that looked to need an upgrade isn't so bad, especially in Mike McDaniel's offense where nothing is at it seems. The lanes that are being opened up due to motion and everyone's eyes locking in on Hill are making everyone look good. Let's hope that continues.

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