3 reasons Dolphins fans shouldn't be worried about a new Tyreek Hill deal

Tyreek Hill is looking for a restructuring of his contract and the Dolphins are well aware of it.
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2. Tyreek Hill has a lot of love for the Dolphins and Florida

This is something I've been workshopping for a little bit, but the idea of living and playing for a team in a no income tax state is more important to players than it was years ago. States like Florida, Texas, Nevada, and, of course, Delaware, have operated without income tax for years, and players are aware of that.

However, it feels like that detail is more important, and it is one that matters more when players are in free agency or dictating where they're going. Not only that, but specifically, South Beach, where Hill lives, is a paradise compared to those other states, including Delaware. Warm weather isn't the end all be all, but there isn't anyone who will convince me that Hill or any other player, given the option, would go play in Detroit, Buffalo, Chicago, or Baltimore over the sunshine in Florida.

He did the cold life in Kansas City, meaning I would bet he isn't looking to do that again at this point in his career, especially with the status he has of being the best receiver in the game. Hill is built for Miami and he knows that.