3 reasons Dolphins fans shouldn't be worried about a new Tyreek Hill deal

Tyreek Hill is looking for a restructuring of his contract and the Dolphins are well aware of it.
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1. Losing Tyreek Hill wouldn't be the end of the world for Miami

Did I catch you off-guard with this one? That wasn't the plan, but I do think the Dolphins would be fine if Hill decided the money wasn't good enough and that he was going to end his career elsewhere else. There is no replacing someone like Cheetah. You can't teach what he has and you can't instill fear into defenses like he does. The amount of time defenses have to plan for him every week is time you can't get back.

However, the Dolphins have the ability to keep on clicking in different ways. Perhaps they would be even more of a running team? Without Hill, naturally, the ball would get distributed to more players instead of getting funneled to one guy. Yes, Waddle would be featured more, which is something he can handle. With that said, other players would be brought in and asked to shoulder more of the load, thus leading to a more balanced offense.

We haven't seen it yet, but something tells me if Mike McDaniel was tasked with selecting a receiver high in the draft, he would pinpoint the player or players that would work the best in his scheme, and he would have a good shot of hitting on that receiver.

Financially, the flexibility of having Hill off the books would be wildly interesting. In the movie Moneyball, when Pete is telling Billy in the parking garage that taking Johnny Damon off the payroll is a good thing because it opens the team up for all kinds of interesting possibilities, that's how life would be for the Dolphins with Hill suddenly gone.

Of course, they would have to hit on the guys brought in to replace Hill and be smart where they allocate the money to other positions. The expectation, like Schefter said, is that Hill will remain with Miami for a few more years. They will give him some form of revamped extension that gets more guaranteed money and it will be very likely he retires a Miami Dolphin. However, if for some weird reason it doesn't happen, it shouldn't result in everyone panicking.