3 reasons the Miami Dolphins defense will be even better in the 2nd half of the season

The Miami Dolphins have reached the halfway point of the season and the defense is only going to get better.
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Jalen Ramsey
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Jalen Ramsey coupled with Fangio's brain will evolve for the Miami Dolphins.

In Jalen Ramsey's first game back he forced a fumble and had a beautiful INT that looked like Rocky in Rocky 5(I know folks hate this one but I don't mind it) when he was whipping out those veteran, savvy moves against Tommy Gunn in the street.

Against the Chiefs, Ramsey was part of an effort to not let Travis Kelce beat them. I often saw Ramsey bracketing Kelce and was there on top of him after he passed the first defender. Ramsey did his job nearly perfectly against KC.

I think the Dolphin's entire defense will evolve because of Ramsey being available and as long as Xavien Howard stays healthy. It will evolve because I have to believe Vic Fangio has more plans and schemes that involve Ramsey doing all types of things in several spots on the field.

I can't write this enough but last year, Vic Fangio was up in a lab perhaps in a cave in the Himalayas crafting new schematics to pay defense that man has never seen before. I will always believe that in those schematics were plans for a player like Jalen Ramsey who has the dimensions and talents to many different things.

Ultimately, I think the defense has to get better the more Jalen Ramsey plays.