3 reasons the Miami Dolphins defense will be even better in the 2nd half of the season

The Miami Dolphins have reached the halfway point of the season and the defense is only going to get better.
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Khalil Mack, Zach Wilson
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Confidence will continue to grow over the next five weeks due to the teams the Miami Dolphins play.

Que up the fraud talk because believe it or not the Miami Dolphins don't control the schedule who plays well or not. Over the next five weeks after the bye week, the Dolphins face the Raiders, Jets, Commanders, Titans, and Jets again. That means they play Aiden O'Connell, Zach Wilson twice, or maybe Trevor Semian or Glenn Foley who knows, Sam Howell and Will Levis. The last two guys aren't bad but not anyone that worries you.

This all means that the Dolphin's team, especially the defense should be gaining confidence in their abilities and knowledge of their assignments over the next five weeks. That really should happen.

As I've already stated, the Dolphin's defense, to me, is already playing with confidence over how they have played over the last three weeks. You go and add a few offenses that aren't even close to prolific and you gather even more confidence.

It's like when you're in a shooting slump in basketball. It's good to get to the free-throw line and see a ball go in. Mentally, it centers you and shows you it can happen. Rolling these bad offenses should keep letting the Dolphin's defense know that they in fact can handle whatever is thrown at them.

The drawback to this; getting too confident and thinking you don't have to raise your game against the better teams. I know, we're tired of hearing about the good teams in the league and how Miami deals with them. But it is real. But maybe not for the defense as much.

We saw how they matched physicality with the Eagles for most of that game and how, with Ramsey, they handled the Chiefs. My point is the defense appears better at handling the good teams compared to the offense. Breaking news I know but I think it needed to be said.

Take care of the next five games, get things in place for the stretch run of the season when they play Dallas, Baltimore, Buffalo, and the playoffs, and do everything possible not to get hurt. I would like no more injuries, ever. Awesome. That should be a done deal.