3 reasons Tua Tagovailoa deserves more than Trevor Lawrence and 1 he doesn't

Will the Dolphins get things done with Tua soon?
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The Miami Dolphins, Chris Grier, and Brandon Shore are still playing games with the Tua Tagovailoa contract, much like they did with Jaylen Waddle's extension. As they wait, the price continues to go up. Tagovailoa was looking at Jared Goff's new contract not long ago, but now he is now looking at the contract that Trevor Lawrence received from the Jaguars.

Unlike Goff, Lawrence has never gone to a Super Bowl. Lawrence has, however, won a playoff game. In 2022, the Jaguars beat the Chargers to advance out of the Wild Card Round. They lost the following weekend.

Does that make him a better quarterback that is deserving more money than Tagovailoa? Let's take a look because there are reasons why you could argue the Dolphins star is the better player:

4. Tua Tagovailoa has a bigger impact for his team

Yes, Lawrence has won a playoff game, and Tagovailoa has not. Both players have played in the postseason, but Tua has led the Dolphins to two playoff appearances. The naysayers will argue that the final win to get into the 2022 playoffs was because of Skylar Thompson's win over the Jets, but that season was littered with concussions and missed games for Tagovailoa.

When he was on the field, Tua was 8-5 as a starter. Without him, the Dolphins only won one game against the Jets in Week 18. According to StatMuse, the Dolphins are 5-9 without Tagovailoa at quarterback.

Clearly, the Dolphins need Tua more than the Jaguars need Lawrence. Jacksonville is 1-0 without their starting quarterback. Tagovailoa led the NFL in passing yards last season and he continues to show his worth for this team.