3 reasons Tua Tagovailoa deserves more than Trevor Lawrence and 1 he doesn't

Will the Dolphins get things done with Tua soon?
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3. Trevor Lawrence is more reliable (the reason Tua doesn't deserve more)

Tagovailoa has one more season as a professional than Lawrence, but has only played in three more games. Lawrence is far more consistent with his health. There are no concerns when it comes to availability and that could be a sticking point for the Dolphins in negotiations with their quarterback.

Since arriving in the NFL, Tagovailoa has missed 17 games. Some of those were healthy benches under Brian Flores. However, if we look at the year-to-year comparisons since Lawrence was drafted, Tua has started 41 games compared to Lawrence's 50.

The Jaguars, again, are not concerned about not having their quarterback on the field. He doesn't miss games and has remained healthy throughout his career in the NFL. When comparing the two quarterbacks, this is the only area that the Dolphins should have concerns regarding their quarterback. Whether it is a broken finger or a head injury, Miami may be wondering how they should progress with Tua, but they also need to understand that he played 17 games last year and led the team to the postseason for the second year in a row.