3 reasons Tua Tagovailoa deserves more than Trevor Lawrence and 1 he doesn't

Will the Dolphins get things done with Tua soon?
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2. Tua Tagovailoa is better statistically

While both players have played a similar amount of games in the regular season, Tagovailoa has done more with his time on the field and if we are comparing apples to apples, when factoring in what the Dolphins will pay Tua or what he deserves, stats will easily back up his case for the same amount of money if not more.

  • 66.9 completion percentage compared to Lawrence's 63.8
  • 81 touchdowns compared to Lawrence's 58, this is quite a big difference
  • Quarterback rating is 97.1 compared to Lawrence's 85
  • 12,639 yards passing compared to 11,770 for Lawrence

While Lawrence has more rushing yards and touchdowns compared to Tua, neither team is paying for a quarterback that runs the ball with consistency. Unlike teams like Baltimore or Arizona where a running quarterback is part of the system's design, the Jaguars and Dolphins prefer a clean pocket passer.