3 reasons why I firmly believe the Miami Dolphins will smash the Dallas Cowboys

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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I don't see how the Cowboys run the ball at all on Miami's defense.

Dallas ranks 12th in rushing yards. I was expecting it to be worse. Using the eye test from watching a fair amount of Dallas games this year due to them being on all the time, I have no faith in Tony Pollard and Rico Dowdle being able to get many yards on the ground.

The Dolphins rank 4th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed only giving up 90 a game. Over the last three games, they've been giving up only 81 a game.

The kind of backs that do damage against the Dolphins are the twitchy backs that have very good catching ability. Pollard can indeed catch the ball well but he has lost a step since breaking his leg. Plus, he can't break any tackles and the Dolphin's defense has been tackling very well for the better part of this season.

Naturally, this should lead the Cowboys into 3rd and longs where the Dolphin's defense feasts. Miami ranks 2nd in the league in sacks per game with getting 3.4 a game. Even with losing Jaelan Phillips, the Dolphin's defensive line has been getting to the quarterback and making life miserable.

Jalen Ramsey has been shutting everyone down since he began playing for Miami. I'm sure CeeDee will catch a few but I don't expect him to get deep because Fangio doesn't place his defense in a position to get beat deep to often.

I know Dak can scramble a little bit but he doesn't have the burst to get away from Bradley Chubb and Andrew Van Ginkel too often.

The type of offenses that give the Dolphins issues are physical ones and I simply don't think the Cowboys are as physical upfront as stats and numbers say they are.