3 reasons why I firmly believe the Miami Dolphins will smash the Dallas Cowboys

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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Too many things going against Dallas right now.

This reason is much more subjective than the previous two, but I just think the Cowboys are reeling right now and traveling to Miami to play a Dolphins team that has only had four minutes of miserable football over the last five weeks.

Miami is a lot like Dallas especially when it comes to playing at home versus playing on the road. Dallas is a completely different team on the road and they know it but they don't have any real answers for it. I just don't think you change that trend against an offense like Miami's or against a defense playing as well as Miami has played over the last six games minus four minutes against the Titans.

They can tell themselves whatever they want throughout the week about how they have a new attitude heading into this week. They can say all the right things when talking to the media. Micah can go on his podcast and say they have something for the Dolphins and all that junk. None of that will matter when the Dolphins are going up and down the field in multiple ways and when Christian Wilkins and Zach Sieler are living in your backfield because Zach Martigon is a bit banged up.

Also, let's not forget that the Miami Dolphins will be wearing their aqua throwback uniforms. Miami is 12-5 when they wear their throwbacks. Miami hasn't lost in the aqua throwbacks since Tua's rookie year against the Chiefs. I love those odds.

Yes, there will be a decent number of Dallas fans in attendance. From what I understand, the crowds in the last few home games have been fantastic. We're going to need everyone out there for this game.

Ultimately, I just feel the Cowboys come out and look out of sync trying to run the ball, and that allows the Dolphin's defense to coral Ceedee Lamb and Jake Ferguson. I think Dak will be on the move but not on those scrambles where he has an entire side of the field to escape to. I think he has to throw on the run and that is something he's not that good at.

On top of that, I feel the Dolphin's offense will be clicking on mostly all cylinders. Tua will be somewhat comfortable back in the pocket and he will be finding his guys.

I also think there's a good chance that besides Tyreek being back that we get Robert Hunt and Jevon Holland back.

I could be way off on all of this and history has shown that when I feel this strongly that bottom falls way out and I fall straight on my face. I'm just saying, maybe not this time.

By the Way- I accept zero responsibility if the Dolphins lose on Christmas Eve. You shouldn't get mad because it's the holidays.

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