3 reasons why the Miami Dolphins may not make a big move before the trade deadline

The NFL trade deadline is coming up on Halloween but if you believe the talk on social media you might be disappointed.
Oct 22, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) passes
Oct 22, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) passes / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have holes on their roster and the loss to the Eagles highlighted some of those needs. With the trade deadline approaching, could the Dolphins make a big move to bolster their roster? They can, but if you think they will, you might want to change your mind.

For many, the thought of Chase Claypool being the Dolphins' big trade acquisition could be nauseating. It wasn't a big move to do anything more than provide depth to the unit.

On social media, there are plenty of "try-to-hard-to-get-noticed" types that want you to believe they have sources. They are quick to point out the "OMG if you could see the text I just got" to you with the hopes of you clicking the follow button to find out more.

I know quite a few of them, some personally. It makes for long days and simply fuels the narrative of everything that is wrong with the platform. How hard is it to say, "I don't have any sources, this is simply my opinion?" Well, considering it took me about 2 seconds to type that...pretty easy.

On the up chance Miami does make a move, it's great to say you were right but no one ever bothers to say they were wrong.

Now, the rumors and speculation want you to believe that Miami is ready to make a move, and why not they have a first-round draft pick next April that may be in the bottom portion of round one. It would make sense to trade that pick. I am a proponent of it honestly. That doesn't mean Miami will move it.

After thinking about all of this, it is just easily and maybe even more possible that Miami doesn't make a deal before the deadline.

The Miami Dolphins simply don't have enough cap space to bring on a big contract or give a new one.

The Dolphins currently have about $4 million in workable cap space. They need that money should they need to sign a PS player to the active roster. They need that in case an injury demands a street free agent be signed to the roster.

What Miami doesn't have is a means to add a top candidate to the roster who carries a big salary without the former team eating a portion of the hit or working out a new extension that pushes guaranteed money into future years.

Cap isn't just about Miami's current situation either. They will be up against a wall in 2024 even after making several moves this off-season to get the cap under control. Add into the equation Miami's own impending free agents and it is a recipe that may not work out this year.

The Miami Dolphins needs may not match what is currently available on the market.

When you look at the Miami Dolphins current roster you see quality depth at several positions and when you look at players that could potentially be had in a trade, they don't align very well.

The Eagles, following their Sunday night win over the Dolphins made a big move to land Pro Bowl safety Kevin Byard. The Eagles needed safety help. Many teams are looking for WR or RB help. The Dolphins?

Miami needs help on the offensive line and they are not going to find a starting-caliber lineman available in a trade as teams simply don't let those types of players go mid-season. Even if the Dolphins could find a trade partner who would they replace? Barring a longer-than-expected return for Connor Williams or a serious situation with Isaiah Wynn, the Dolphins are financially committed to Terron Armstead.

The Dolphins could go linebacker but any LB that is going to make a big impact for Miami this year is going to be expensive. Miami, again, can't afford another contract like they gave Bradley Chubb last year. Sorry, but there is no magical Roquan Smith out there for Miami to nab.

Miami doesn't need edge rushers, defensive linemen, or safeties. They need LB, CB, and Oline to balance the team. Even CB is a push given the amount of money tied into Jalen Ramsey and Xavien Howard.

The Miami Dolphins have talent on the roster and will be getting many of the back soon.

Injuries played a big part in the Miami Dolphins' early season issues. They lost Jalen Ramsey in camp. They haven't had Nik Needham since early last year. Miami has lost De'Von Achane, Connor Williams, Terron Armstead, and more to the short-term IR.

The good news is they are all getting better and should be available to the team after the bye week. When that happens, it will fix a lot of the problems on the roster provided they don't have setbacks.

When you factor in the money, the needs, and the current situation with injuries, where does Miami make a move that improves the roster?

What we might see is the Dolphins take a different approach to the trade deadline and instead of bringing someone in, maybe they send someone out. Salvon Ahmed is going to see his time reduced with Jeff Wilson, Jr. coming back and Cedrick Wilson, Jr. played well on Sunday night but is also expendable.

The Dolphins and the rest of the NFL have eight more days before the deadline. Will Chris Grier make a move? If he does, I predict that it will be a small one.