3 reasons why the Miami Dolphins should consider drafting Michael Penix Jr.

The Miami Dolphins would be foolish not to do their homework on Michael Penix Jr. and there isn't anything wrong with that.
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Michael Penix would restart the rookie contract clock thus leading to more flexibility.

We've seen it so many times and have heard about how the greatest asset in football besides having Patrick Mahomes is having a really good quarterback on their rookie contract.

Look at Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes in his first Super Bowl, and even guys like Joe Burrow and just now with Brock Purdy. These teams were able to have really good rosters along with hitting on the QB in the draft and it's mainly due to not paying the QB really anything. Once they have to pay the QB, well, things get harder unless you're Patrick Mahomes.

The Miami Dolphins could do the same if they draft Michael Penix Jr. and commit to him being their QB for the next four seasons before they would have to pay him.

Just think about the cap situation the Dolphins are in right now. I'm not saying it's as undesirable as our country's debt situation but it's not great. Miami is going to be very creative with shedding players and then figure out what guys of their own they will pay. Full disclosure; not everyone is coming back.

If Miami decided to trade Tua or let him play out his 5th-year option while Michael Penix Jr. is on the bench and then release him next year, that would open up the Dolphins for all kinds of interesting possibilities.