3 reasons why the Miami Dolphins will be fine without Jalen Ramsey

Miami Dolphins watches practice at training camp at Baptist Health Training Complex, Wednesday, July
Miami Dolphins watches practice at training camp at Baptist Health Training Complex, Wednesday, July / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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You can't replace a Gary Bertier and you can't replace a Jalen Ramsey. Let's face it, Jalen Ramsey is one of the best players in the NFL which makes him just about the best player on the Miami Dolphins right up there Tyreek Hill.

Not having Ramsey in the lineup until December or whatever month it's going to be isn't anything any of us signed up for when the Dolphins traded for Ramsey.

The feeling right now as a Miami Dolphins fan is a familiar one. You can even say the commonly used phrase, classic Dolphins, applies because it does. Just when you think everything is falling into place God/universe or that old Indian burial ground theory about the stadium kicked in and knocked the Dolphins down a peg.

Then you see that Jaelan Phillips got stepped on(not that serious) and needs a little bit of time to heal and we're all like "Okay, end camp now."

But when the news of the Jalen Ramsey injury broke and after I stopped spitting my guts out like I was that guy from The Rock who Nick Cage shoved that green ball of poison down his throat I started to think a bit more clear-eyed and dare I say slightly optimistic.

I know it's very cool to always feel terrible as a Dolphins fan and believe that there is never anything the team can do right because in the end they will never win. Trust me, I'm not telling you not to think like that. We're Dolphins fans and it's been a bad ride for decades so I get the cynicism and I myself typically embrace that mentality.

But for right now with training camp only a few days in and that Jalen Ramsey should be back around the bye week if rehab and all that goes well, I'm not acting like the sky is falling. There will be plenty of time to punch the air, freak out in your homes and say being a Dolphin fan sucks later in the year.

Las Vegas, you know the folks who calaculate the odds for everything on this planet, they had the Dolphins at +2500 to win the Super Bowl on July 24th.

The odds that our friends from the desert have casted out as of today are this;

The odds haven't changed at all, in case you decided not to look or just scolled past. Corners, even stellar ones like Ramsey, don't change much in the eyes of the professional handicappers.

For now, I very much feel that there is still good reason to think the 2023 Miami Dolphins should still have a say on who is competing for a Lombardi. Here are my reasons why all is not lost.