3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to not have a let down vs. the New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages
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We're flying high right now. I don't recall a time where everyone who is a fan of the of the Miami Dolphins were in this much unison and harmony. It's like we're a school of fish all going in the same direction who is enjoying each other's company. Everyone is on the same page after last week and that page says that the Miami Dolphins are one of the better teams in the league and that their offense might not get stopped.

I haven't felt like this since maybe Ricky Williams first year. The thing about that was that I only felt like the Dolphins were going to be a force of nature for about a month and then everything came crashing down.

And that kind of cataclysm is what this Dolphin's team needs to strive to not let happen. This team can't start listening to all the talking heads who are all now all of a sudden backing Tua Tagovailoa. This team can't start laughing to themselves at all the mouth breathers on TV and on sports radio who are painfully coming to terms that Tua and the Dolphins are actually really good as if they're coming to terms with a diagnosis that won't allow them to eat their favorite food anymore.

Last weel, the Miami Dolphins kept getting up when the Chargers kept taking the lead. They kept coming and ended up being the last team standing. I love that ability to never care what the score is, to just go out and keep running your stuff and not worrying about the other team because you know have the goods.

But there is a difference between confidence/swagger and hubris. It's fine to think that no defense can hang with you but it would be foolish to let those kinds of thoughts blind you from focusing.

That's one of the challenges that Mike McDaniel has right now and it's a good one to have. The opposite of this challenge is not something I would like. McDaniel has to not play as the hunter lying in the weeds but as the apex Predator. It's a different mindset, one that this franchise knows very little about over the last three decades.

Miami is on a major emotional high from last week. The world wants to see them do it again. McDaniel needs to keep everyone not satisfied. I remember one of the last emotional wins from the Dolphins. It was the Miami Miracle game. Miami won, we felt great and I picked them to smash the Vikings the following week. They did not smash the Vikings. Instead, they got pounded. This team is way better than that team but letdowns happen all the time. This doesn't need to be one of those times.

Every game has those obvious keys or elements that need to happen such as win the turnover battle, win in the trenches, making more explosive plays, get to the QB, taking care of special teams, football jargon, football jargon, football jargon, etc. This article is about those somewhat, or at least to me, somewhat under-the-radar keys that the Miami Dolphins need to win a divisional game on the road against the New England Patriots all while letting the league know that the Miami Dolphins are in fact for real. 2-0 is in our sights and I don't want this great feeling exit my body. Let me know if you have any other sneaky keys to the game.