3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to not have a let down vs. the New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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Mike Williams, Jevon Holland, DeShon Elliott, Jerome Baker
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

It be good for the entire defense to play better

That's the kind of dialed-in, dep analysis that you can only get here at Phin Phanatic. You want a sneaky key to the Dolphins and Patriots game, I give you that the defense needs to play better. That's the show.

But honestly, is it too much to ask for the entire defense, everyone that is associated to be better than they were last week? I don't think that like that's that unreasonable of an ask.

The defense was horrid last week. Yes, in the last 1:45 of the game, they got angry, turned into the Incredible Hulk, and beat down Justin Herbert but the rest of the game they defended like puny Banner.

They gave up 244 yards on the ground, which I wrote earlier in the week may have been slightly by design, and Herbert had a very comfortable day throwing the ball to receivers that were very much open.

I realize the Patriots and Mac Jones aren't Herber and the Chargers but they did look quite competent after the 1st quarter last week when they played the Eagles. Remember, the Patriot's offense isn't being run by the gruesome twosome of Patricia and Judge anymore. Bill O'Brien is a real adult in the room and he is very good at designing offensive schemes.

Like you, I would think the Dolphins get large doses of Rhamondre Stevenson and Zeke Elliott. Mac Jones looked fine last so I would expect O'Brien to have more confidence in letting him rip it more.

The skills position guys aren't good but how many times has that been the case the last few years with the Patriots only for some guy you didn't know was on the team go over the middle and wide open? Too many times is the answer.

Wrap up, bring your friends, and get to Mac with the rush. If those things happen, Miami wins this game.