3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to finally beat a "real" team in the Kansas City Chiefs

This is a big week for the Miami Dolphins because it's their latest chance to get a win over one of the "real" teams in the NFL.
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Patrick Mahomes, Andy Ried
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Defensively, expect a more disciplined and precise offense from the Chiefs against the Dolphins.

Last week, the Kansas City Chiefs got handled by the Denver Broncos. Actually, if you're counting three weeks ago when the Broncos lost to the Chiefs, they've only given up 28 points to them in both games which is really good.

If you've been watching the Chiefs this year, especially last week you saw what the Chiefs offense is all about. It's basically snapping the ball to Pat Mahomes, letting the play break down, and then having Mahomes scramble around until he hits someone with a nice pass downfield. Last week, that didn't work.

Because last week didn't work, I expect Andy Reid to have the offense a bit more buttoned up and that he will have Mahomes hitting the short stuff earlier in his progressions instead of holding on to the ball and making a crazy play which he is the master of.

So as much as the Dolphin's defense needs to be on alert for the extended play and that they need to potentially be covering guys for eight-plus seconds they also need to be prepared for a typical offense of timing routes and runs.

Even with a receiving core that is unheralded as the Chiefs have, Reid and Mahomes can get a lot done if they stick to the game plan. It's why the Dolphins can't take anything for granted when it comes to the Chiefs receivers.