3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to finally beat a "real" team in the Kansas City Chiefs

This is a big week for the Miami Dolphins because it's their latest chance to get a win over one of the "real" teams in the NFL.
Miami Dolphins Training Session
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Chris Jones
Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins defense needs to know where Chris Jones is at all times.

This sneaky key is a bit on the nose I know, but the Dolphins especially Tua need to know where Chris Jones is on every play. He needs to know where he is because we know Chris Jones can have an extremely big impact on the game. You don't get labeled the best defensive player in the league, one where Aaron Donald exists, for nothing.

Whoever Jones lines up over and it can be anyone on the offensive line, that lineman needs to be perfect in what they're doing.

The defense that the Chiefs has is a very solid one but it's not one that put up there with the Eagles or the struggling 49ers. It's one that can have some incredible games and one where you wonder what happened.

They have solid players on that side of the ball. They won't have Nick Bolton which is huge. But they have Chris Jones who I'm hoping will be a bit jet-lagged because of this writing I'm not even sure if the Chiefs are in Germany yet which is at the very least a bizarre way to go about business especially after the Bills complained about getting there too late a few weeks ago.

McDaniel has done a brilliant job of getting Tua moving in the pocket when he drops back in an effort to protect. More of that will be needed.

The song of the week is one that the Dolphins had playing today at practice. A more apropos song I cannot come up with. It's Rammstein, Du Hast. It's a shame that the CKY crew aren't there.

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