3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn so that they can TCB against the Carolina Panthers

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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Brian Burns
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Know where Brian Burns is

Brian Burns is a game wrecker. He doesn't get the publicity that the big-time edge rushers get but this guy can ruin your whole gameplan if you think he's going to be a non-factor without having a gameplan for him.

Burns has four sacks on the year which isn't near the top in the NFL. But he had 12.5 last year so we know this guy can get to the QB.

Kendall has been excellent thus far and depending on the graph you're looking you may actually come away thinking Lamm is elite. I don't know if Lamm is elite or not. I do know he will have his hands full this Sunday.

And the thing is, Brian Burns will line up on both sides of the line. So it's not just Kendall Lamm who needs to prepare for Burns' mix of power and speed but Austin Jackson has to prepare to face Burns.

Fortunately, Mike McDaniel seems to understand that protecting Tua is the #1 thing he has to do to keep this offense rolling. That's why McDaniel has Tua rolling to certain parts of the pocket and gliding to different areas of the field on passes to set up his throws. Part of it is because it's what will make the play work best and part of it, I think is to protect Tua from rushers. It's smart and the Dolphin's offensive line has been down a very good job of executing the plan.