3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn so that they can TCB against the Carolina Panthers

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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Raheem Mostert, Jason Pinnock
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Establish running the ball on 3rd and short

Miami currently ranks 11th on 3rd down conversion converting at 41%. That's not bad but I think that's a number that should be a bit better now and it's certainly one I want to be better come later in the year.

Not sure about you, but it feels like whenever Miami has a 3rd and short McDaniel is crafting a nifty route concept laced with theatricality and deception in the form of motion and lining Hill and Waddle in nontraditional spots in the formation. Honestly, that's what this entire offense is all about if you think about it.

I know lining up in I-Form or some other variation of it and plowing ahead for a yard on 3rd and short make Mike McDaniel vomit all over the place but it's an effective play that gets the job done. Plus, as I said, I think it's something the Dolphins will need to do later in the year when it's colder and teams have a better feel for the Dolphins.

No, I'm not advocating the fullback dive. That play needs to be outlawed because it gets stuffed all the time, across the NFL, and it makes me want to say Serenity Now after I destroyed George's computers. I want to see Raheem Mostert or Chris Brooks, if I had it my way, take a handoff and run behind the offensive line for a tough yard. It's the kind of thing that would give the offense even more swagger, which at this point seems impossible. If McDaniel wants to doll it up with shifts and motion, go for it. Put some power running, I feel, needs to be established and there's no better team to give yourself confidence in doing it than the Panthers. They're ranked 26th in run defense.