3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn so that they can TCB against the Carolina Panthers

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A little bit more press man?

I realize that Vic Fangio's defense isn't heavy into man to man defense and that's fine. But I think against opponents who don't have physcial beats at receiver playing just a little more press man will help.

Adam Thielan and DJ Chark are solidish receivers but they aren't guys that are often going to out physical anybody.

I'm a little over playing not to get beat deep and giving up digs and comeback routes so frequently. Make Bryce Young have to throw to receivers with guys on their hips. Let's see if he can with this crop of receivers.

Press up Xavien Howard and Eli Apple and have Kader up just a yard or so more when Miami is in nickel which is often.

I like how the pass rush is coming along and there's nothing to make me think that they won't have another productive day getting to Young. Let them do their thing and have your secondary up closer to the receivers. I bet that will yield a few more sacks and even some dumb throw served up to the secondary.

Press man will never be the identity of the defense but like running on 3rd and short, it be nice to have this club in the bag in case you need it and want to go to it.

By the Way- What's TCB you ask?

Didn't have one last week and that wrong. Here's our music of the week. You just gotta love Mastodon.

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