3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn to get them back on track against the Giants

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Was this a fun week? I don't think anyone would classify this week as being anything close to fun. Once again we fans of the Miami Dolphins had to put our tale between our legs and realize, as we do just about every year, that our team isn't as good as the big boys in the NFL.

This isn't to say that it's time to jump ship or that the Dolphins can't ever beat the heavy hitters in the league. But until they do we can't think that this team can go on some wild run through the playoffs.

Like it or not, the game last week at Buffalo was a big game. It was a big game that Miami showed up for one quarter of and then the wheels didn't come off they burst off and went into the Sun which was very hot in Buffalo. I know this because I was there and my experience in that stadium was one that left me yearning for that atmosphere down at the Hard Rock.

We saw Miami go punch for punch with the Bills for a quarter but when Diggs somehow scored by breaking two missed tackles with three minutes left in the second half, I knew the game was over. Miami couldn't handle the rush anymore and the crowd was never going to let up.

If it was a close game we can say a lot to the folks who think the Dolphins are sort of frauds. But Miami lost by 28 to a very good Bills team. A Bills team that I can see struggle with the Jaguars in London this week because why the hell not? This is sports and weird things happen all the time. The Cardinals beat the Cowboys and I remember a time when a terrible two-win-Dolphin's-team beat an eventual Super Bowl-winning Patriot's team on Monday night many moons ago.

But none of that changes the fact that the Miami Dolphins are in the second tier of teams in the NFL behind Buffalo, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and I guess Kansas City although they don't look good to me, they have Mahomes so I guess I'm supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt.

And there isn't anything the Dolphins can do to change anybody's thoughts about them this week against the New York Giants or next week against the Carolina Panthers. Miami should easily TCB(Taking Care of Business) against them. Then they have the Eagles in Philly on Sunday night. That is the Dolphins next opportunity to show that they are a team to take seriously.

But as Mike McDaniel said this week, this week against the Giants is not a "get right game." There are no get-right games in the NFL no matter how inept your opponent is and the Giants are the presidents of ineptville.

The Miami Dolphins should win, handily, if they play the way they are capable of playing. Tyreek Hill said that the only ones that can beat them are themselves. I don't know about all that because more physical teams seem to always take out the Dolphins but against the Giants, the only ones who can truly beat the Dolphins are themselves because the rosters aren't close to equal.

For the Miami Dolphins to get back on track and get some positive vibes back in the building and into the fanbase, they have to do the obvious stuff. Those obvious keys or elements that need to happen such as winning the turnover battle, winning in the trenches, making more explosive plays, getting to the QB, taking care of special teams, football jargon, football jargon, football jargon, etc. This article is about those somewhat, or at least to me, somewhat under-the-radar keys that the Miami Dolphins need to get to 4-1 and hold serve with the Buffalo Bills.