3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn to get them back on track against the Giants

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Xavien Howard
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Play the corners up just a little bit

It was maddening sitting in Highmark Stadium last week watching the Dolphin's corners constantly playing around 10 yards back from the receivers of the Bills. Over and over again, Allen would be able to complete a fairly easy ball to a receiver, and part of the reason(there are many) was because the corners were so far off.

I get what Fangio, in theory, is trying to do. Eliminate the big play over his secondary's head by keeping everything in front of them. Well, that's a wonderful way of going about business if your front four can get anywhere close to the quarterback and if the linebackers and members of the secondary can tackle well. None of those things happened last week, as we plainly saw.

Again, will this strategy work against the tomato cans of the NFL like the Giants? Yes, it probably will. But is that the best way this current defense should be utilized? Vic Fangio is the defensive guru so obviously we look to him for his wisdom and I'm not saying that the Dolphins have to play press man like Madison and Surtain once did. But I just feel that playing a bit more up and taking the chance of getting beat deep, occasionally, might be an approach to look at.