3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn to get them back on track against the Giants

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Jaylen Waddle
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Make Jaylen Waddle more than a complimentary player on this offense

I'm not saying that Tua should be forcing the ball to Jaylen Waddle just because he hasn't had that big game we're all waiting for him to have. I'm saying the offense is going through Tyreek Hill a bit too much and everyone knows it.

Waddle was open at times last week and the ball didn't come his way. Much of that has to do with the offensive line having consistent breakdowns. I realize that.

But I don't like this trend where Jaylen Waddle is being viewed as just this nice player as if he's Christian Kirk. Jaylen Waddle is one of the best receivers on Earth. He may not be Tyreek Hill but nobody on the planet is Tyreek Hill.

If the Dolphins aren't going to utilize Waddle's strengths like they do Hill's by scheming him all over the field with motions and lining up in different formations that are untraditional for receivers, then what are we doing here?

The screens to Waddle are nice when they don't get batted down, but I feel there is more room to get Waddle open which will take pressure off Hill thus the offense won't be as predictable.