3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to turn to get them back on track against the Giants

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Jerome Baker, Dalton Kincaid
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Read keys faster

Do you want some football jargon? it doesn't get more "footbally" than the phrase read your keys when talking to defensive players. But honestly, it's what Jerome Baker, David Long Jr., and whoever else is lining up at middle backer needs to do faster.

Too many times last week Baker and others would read where their man, either a guard or back was taking them and would react a half second too late. That half-second is huge in football. It's the difference between a one-yard gain and a nine-yard+ gain.

I'm at peace with Jerome Baker because the way he's been playing is how he's played his whole career. He's not an elite guy but he's not a bottom-dwelling linebacker either. Like most inside backers, he's somewhere in the middle.

But he needs to play better and pretty much admitted as much this week when spoken to by the media.

Sure, Vic Fangio's system is new and the defense isn't where they want to be in learning it fully. But I don't think that has much to do with trusting your eyes and reacting fast when you see what you plan on seeing.

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