3 sneaky keys that the Miami Dolphins need to turn for them to get that sweet revenge over the Chargers

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Mike McDaniel
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Get the plays in smoothly and in a timely manner

Not sure about you, but it got to the point last year where I had to rage out as Rambo did in that Oregon police station when I kept watching the Tua have to take a timeout or take a delay of game penalty because the chain of communication had a kink in it. I'm sure Mike McDaniel's terminology is lengthy because every coach's terminology is essentially the list of Chris Jericho's move set.

But that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to improve on it and last year the Dolphins never got better at getting the play called than Tua reciting the play to the players in time for them to get fully set. It really was putrid at times and it made me feel bad and I don't like feeling bad.

Fortunatley, Mike McDaniel fell on this particular sword and made it a point to improve the whole process of getting plays in more smoothly. I don't know if he will be going high school style and sending a different 2-back in every play or what but the Dolphins have been working on it.

Whatever it takes to get the plays in crisp so that Tua can get everyone exactly where they need to be so that they don't have to waste timeouts and the dumbest parts of the game. That's what I want.

Oh, and this leads to fewer turnovers, which is one of those obvious keys to the game, but less delay of game and formation penalties will vastly increase the Dolphin's chances of succeeding. Kind of common sense on that one.