3 sneaky keys that the Miami Dolphins need to turn for them to get that sweet revenge over the Chargers

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Solid communication within the offensive line

Offensive line play is one of those aspects of football that no one really talks about until it looks really bad. Last year, the Dolphin's offensive line looked average, especially in the run game. Injuries, not sticking to the running game, and a new system could be the culprits for why the line never gelled well.

Terron Armstead, who I think is permanently on the injury report, is listed as questionable this week with too many injuries to list. Shocking right? My guess is that we will see Isaiah Wynn or Kendall Lamm at left tackle if Armstead can't go. It will probably be Lamm due to him being Armstead's backup but I guess who knows?

Whoever is playing the offensive line, even Liam Eichenberg who I really hope McDaniel is telling the truth when he says the depth chart means nothing, needs to communicate well because if they do they can spring our very fast runners.

Check out the run that Salvon Ahmed delivered a few weeks ago in the last preseason game.

It's a terrific breakdown by @HussamPatel who if you aren't following on the Bird or X app you really should be because he does outstanding work.

But look how in unison the line is with their steps and getting to that second level. You don't get that without a ton of practice and communication with each other. It makes an old assistant line coach(me) blush. The result was a 42-yard gain. Those are the types of plays the Dolphin's very fast running backs can deliver if linemen are talking to each other knowing when one of them is headed to the second level to get linebackers or safeties.

We know the Dolphins have the run the ball more. McDaniel has said as such. But the linemen have to show they can execute the plays that are called so it gives more reason to McDaniel to keep running.