3 sneaky keys that the Miami Dolphins need to turn for them to get that sweet revenge over the Chargers

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If the opportunity to finish the Chargers presents itself, bury them

I have no idea if we live in a reality where the Miami Dolphins go up around 14 points. I don't have an eye of agamotto to look into the future. But just in case we do live in that particular reality, the Dolphins have to understand that and step on the throats of the Chargers, metaphorically speaking.

If it's a 10-14 point game in the second quarter or third quarter and there's a spot where McDaniel can just about finish Justin Herbert and LA, then he needs to be completely dialed in on putting the game out of reach. No playing for three points or field position. The goal needs to be to put up seven. I realize that's the goal on every drive but McDaniel needs to understand when he has a bird in the hand.

This doesn't mean it has to be a bomb to Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle. The play might be just to keep hammering the rock with whoever has the hot hand in the backfield. I think we know that would be the most demoralizing feeling for all the Charger fan in the stadium.

This is a revenge game make no doubt about it. The Miami Dolphins never really recovered from the pantsing the Chargers did on them on national TV last year. Not much better than going to the place where it happened and putting the league on notice that in fact all the hype the Dolphins are getting is justified.

I'll have another article on Sunday morning explaining what is the biggest factor in the game for the Dolphins to take down the Chargers. Until then, have a great beginning to your weekend, watch ball on Saturday, eat and drink well, be good to everyone, and get ready for, another season of Dolphin's football which is basically five months of woe. Maybe our hearts will stay in our bodies a bit longer than last year.

By the Way- Here is a song from a band that I just discovered this week. I can't stop listening to this song. The guy's voice is unreal to me. Trust me, this song has nothing to do with the Miami Dolphins and this year's season. It's just a sweet song. I might share a different song every week. We'll see how it goes.

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