3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn in the game of the year against the Buffalo Bills

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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I have exactly zero issues with labeling this Sunday's contest between YOUR undefeated Miami Dolphins and 2-1 Buffalo Bills the game of the year. I fully get that the season is only three weeks old which means the season isn't out of it's egg stage if we're talking caterpillar to butterfly lifecycle, which I thought we were.

The truth is that the Dolphins and Bills game on Sunday will have the entire football world watching it to see if the Miami Dolphins can keep up its Quiksilver, run them out of the stadium offense, against a Bills' defense can keep up it's putting an offense in a vice grip defense.

Sure, there are other aspects of the game getting played such as special teams, games within the game, Tua Tagovailoa vs. Josh Allen, and 32 Bit/3D Chess match between Mike McDaniel and Sean McDermott.

That kind of stuff is for everyone else. If you're reading this, you know we like to carry ourselves a bit higher in regards to being football knowers. We know that, ultimately, this weekend's contest for the early soul of the AFC East is between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Nothing more, nothing less.

The last time the Dolphins saw the Bills lined up against them was in the playoffs up in Orchard Park. Miami, with a valiant effort from Skylar Thompson, fell to the Bills by three points. Sorry if this is an old wound but the last thing we saw was Mike McDaniel and the staff fumble away a 4th down that they thought was a 1st down. That was beyond frustrating but this year we have a whole new system in place to negate that type of buffoonery. So far, the Dolphins only have three presnap penalties, and from my count zero instances where I had to walk around in a fit of rage due to the Dolphins burning a timeout.

Granted, you don't need to worry about timeout usage when you're winning by 40-50 points as the Dolphins did last week but it certainly seems they have a better handle on not doing as much dumb stuff as they did last year.

The Bills stubbed their toe in week one and by stubbing their toe I mean they lost to the Zach Wilson-led Jets which is the equivalent of running yourself over. Since then, the Bills have looked like the Bills completely annihilating the Raiders and Commanders. They've looked dominant.

The idea of the Dolphins doing what they did to Denver to Buffalo, although beautiful, is not likely at all. This game will be a battle from beginning to end.

The Miami Dolphins are the talk of the NFL and are creating a lot of Frank Grimes moments when they try and figure out how they're making professional NFL teams look like JV teams. A win over the Bills and my lord will they be all over the place as much as Travis Kelce's very real relationship with Taylor Swift.

It will be far from easy to go on the road to Buffalo and walk out with a win, something that hasn't happened since 2016. It also be nice if the Dolphins won besides that it will make them 4-0, 2-0 in the AFC East, keeping them the #1 seed in the AFC, but I'll be in attendance. We're making the trip from NEPA to Buffalo and I can't wait. Saturday is wings at Wingnutz then out in the hot city of Buffalo and then gameday. I really can't wait.

For the Miami Dolphins to reign supreme on not just the AFC East but the entire AFC they have to do the obvious stuff that teams need to do to win games. Those obvious keys or elements that need to happen such as winning the turnover battle, winning in the trenches, making more explosive plays, getting to the QB, taking care of special teams, football jargon, football jargon, football jargon, etc. This article is about those somewhat, or at least to me, somewhat under-the-radar keys that the Miami Dolphins need to win their first game in Buffalo since Jay Ajayi was totting the rock. Let me know if you have any other sneaky keys to the game.