3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn in the game of the year against the Buffalo Bills

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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Stefon Diggs, Xavien Howard
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Make everyone else on the Bills not named Stefon Diggs beat you

If you've been keeping score at home about what Stefon Digg's lifetime stats are against the Dolphins, well that's weird on all counts. Like go and do anything else. If you happened to look them up like I did you'd know that Diggs has 626 yards four TDs, on 47 receptions.

Even if you didn't look up Digg's stats and somehow skipped the entire first paragraph of this slide, which is quite odd, you know fully well that Diggs has killed the Dolphins several times.

If you did some real digging you may have stumbled on some unsettling information concerning Stefon Diggs and how he has fared against Vic Fangio. In the two times the Bills played Fangio's Broncos when he was the head ball coach in Denver, Diggs had stat lines of five catches for 121 yards and 13 catches for 147 yards. Not great Bob.

Diggs is still a great player and is having a solid season so far. He's not to be messed with because we've seen him run by Xavien Howard, early in games, and come down with the ball. My guess would be Howard will take Diggs again.

Vic Fangio needs to have some sort of help for Howard. Swallow the pride and take the help, not that I think Howard wouldn't accept it.

I want to see Gabe Davis, Dalton Kinkaid, Dawson Knox, Khalil Shakur, and the backs out of the backfield consistently hurt the Dolphins, if it's going to happen at all which I hope it doesn't. I want to see Josh Allen have to get the ball to the other guys as often as possible. Those guys are solid players who can do damage but I want to be put in a position where I have to tip my cap to them and not Diggs.