3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn in the game of the year against the Buffalo Bills

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The Dolphins can't fall for play-action all the time

To me, in past games against the Bills and Josh Allen, the Dolphin's defense gets taken out by giving up major chunk plays on play-action passes. I know Allen has run all over the Dolphins, he's checked it down the backs and even the tight ends have torn apart Miami.

But my biggest fear is that Allen sets up for play-action, I see the LBs all run up to stop a run, and receivers are doing whatever they want behind them. I think that might be one of the biggest fears any fan has when watching their team. Seeing the defense jump up and you know the QB is going deep and you know guys are going to be wide-open is like that scene in The Boondock Saints when the mafia boss comes in to kill Rocko and Murphy Connor can only watch.

This year, Josh Allen has 16 play-action attempts for 160 yards which puts him 8th in the league. A lot of that has been in the last two weeks and not the opening Jets game where we know he was dreadful throwing the ball. This means as of late Allen is liking the play-action and it's working.

It's easy for me to say here in NEPA and it will be even easier when I'm saying in Highmark Stadium on Sunday that the LBs can't just run up to stuff the run all day because receivers are running to empty holes behind them, but they kind of have to not run up that hard.

Again, make Allen do other stuff than pick apart the defense on chunk plays. He's being smart with the ball now but we all know he's dying to let it rip all over the place just like Col. Jessup was dying to admit to everyone that he issued the code red.

By the Way- Here is our song/vibe of the week. I've only listened to this album by this band, 1000 Mods but this track is so cool. It's so chill and confident and gives that free feeling. I'll certainly have this playing as I cruise up Interstate 81 on my way to Buffalo.

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