3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to finally beat one of the "real teams" in the Philadelphia Eagles

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The Dolphins need to be able to handle the noise and momentum swings

Here's the thing, I'm from NEPA and there are Philadelphia fans all over the place. That's to be expected. Down in Philadelphia, the fans are a level of passion not often seen. Buffalo fans are right up there with them.

If you've been paying any attention to baseball, you've seen the Philadelphia Phillies riding the wave of emotion/passion that the Philly faithful have given them every game in the postseason especially at home. The fans are on another level right now and honestly, I'm jealous. I've never experienced that level of commitment and unity. I've been to a few games down in Miami but nothing there compares to what is happening in Philadelphia right now. Go right ahead and say there are more things to do in Miami than in Philadelphia. You're not wrong but there is no denying the crowd's influence on their teams.

After the Buffalo game, I think it was Tyreek Hill(don't quote me on it) but he said that it was hard communicating the plays and everything due to the noise from the crowd. I can attest to that since I was there the crowd was awesome if you were a Bills fan.

I expect the same kind of noise levels in Philadelphia on Sunday night especially because the Eagles will be wearing their Kelly green jerseys that are beautiful which is a missed opportunity by the Dolphins to be part of the best uniform game of all time if they wore their throwbacks. This means the Dolphins need to be able to get the play in and they need to hear what Tua is saying meaning Tua needs to unlock his pipes.

This also means that when something good happens for Philly like a big play, the Dolphins make a mistake, or have a 3rd down that Miami can't be skittish. They need to be calm, cool, and collected. Easy for me to say nestled up in Scranton, but it still needs to happen.

I also think Mike McDaniel needs to be completely focused especially in the big spots in the game. If it's a 4th and 1ish, you better have a great play lined up for it and not something weird like that fake tush-push pass from last week. No full-back dives or anything like that. Even if it means going for 3 points if you're in the red zone, maybe that's the right play. A made field goal quiets the crowd a little bit but a missed 4th down attempt gets everyone losing their minds.

The game will have many twists and turns but I expect the crucial plays of the game will ultimately decide the winner. McDaniel needs to have absolute focus and have some of these moments already, a bit planned out, as much as he can.

Our music of the week is from Ghost. This song Mary on a Cross, just has a good beat to it. Plus, Ghost is a frigin awesome band.

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