3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to get their groove back against the Patriots

The Miami Dolphins look to sweep the New England Patriots this weekend at Hard Rock Stadium. Doing these three things will help.
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A fast start for the Miami Dolphins and a lead will go along way to winning this game.

Sure, you can say that every single week is a good week for the Miami Dolphins to put up points as soon as the game starts. But I think it's extra imperative.

The last two weeks against the Eagles and Panthers the Dolphins got off to slow starts riddled with penalties and three-and-outs. How about we just cut that nonsense out and get on the same damn page?

The last thing we want is what Buffalo did last week against the Patriots. They came out flat and the Patriots took full advantage of that and were in control the whole game. Buffalo took the lead late but in the end, New England, because of what they were able to do in the first half, were in position to go on a game-winning drive.

That can't be how it goes on Sunday. The Dolphins have the power of the throwbacks and the home crowd to elevate them past any garbage that New England or any striped shirt folks throw at them.

If the Dolphins can go up double digits on this Patriots team, who you would think would have some form of an emotional letdown after beating the Bills last week, then their defense will be much healthier than last week with the return of Xavien Howard, Nik Needham and possibly Jalen Ramsey can put Mac Jones and the average receiving core in a vice grip.

Get the ball back and put the nail in their undertaker-built casket by scoring before halftime. That's the vision I have in my head that I so badly want to be true.