3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to get their groove back against the Patriots

The Miami Dolphins look to sweep the New England Patriots this weekend at Hard Rock Stadium. Doing these three things will help.
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
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A.j. Brown, Bradley Chubb
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The Miami Dolphins need to be as physical as they were against the Eagles on defense.

Last week against the Eagles, I finally watched a full game's worth of physicality from the Miami Dolphin's defense. I really can't think of the last time I watched a front 7 play that intense who refused to be pushed back three or so yards a play. Against the Panthers, the front seven got worked but against the Eagles, they held their ground for the whole game.

This can't be an isolated experience or the kind of thing that only happens in big games. Physicality and knowing your assignment has to be an every-week mantra.

We know that New England wants to run the ball. I wouldn't be too shocked to see them come out and throw thinking they can catch the Dolphins selling out for the run but they will try and set the line of scrimmage. When that happens Wilkins, Sieler, Davis, Chubb, Van Ginkel, Phillips, Long Jr., and Baker need to be stout at the point of attack and force Man Jones into 3rd and long. That's the last place New England wants to be and it's exactly where Vic Fangio wants him so he can release the hounds.

This physicality thing needs to be a point of pride for the Dolphins. You see the big boys of the NFL and one of the common themes with all of them is that they play physically. Philadelphia, San Francisco, and yes Buffalo still plays with a ferocity that gives just about every team trouble, especially at home.

For the Dolphins to take that next step, being able to physically dominate in the trenches at home is what needs to occur. That style of play travels and it's not like Miami doesn't have the personnel to do it. They just need to have that will to not be denied.