3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to get their groove back against the Patriots

The Miami Dolphins look to sweep the New England Patriots this weekend at Hard Rock Stadium. Doing these three things will help.
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Jaylen Waddle
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Jaylen Waddle needs to be involved in the entire Miami Dolphins game plan.

Yes, it seems like Tyreek Hill is going to play on Sunday. He practiced yesterday so you would think he's good to go. Anything can happen but he's trending toward playing.

For one day many freaked out thinking Hill was going to have an injury like Ja'Marr Chase had last year where he was out for months with a hip injury. They freaked out because the idea of not having Tyreek Hills for an extended period of time is really scary to think about.

Yes, we've seen Tua Tagovailoa win games with the likes of De'Vante Parker and Jakeem Grant as his main receivers but we don't ever want to go back to those days.

But feeding the ball to Tyreek Hill 70 times a game is no way to go through life. The Dolphins actually have another receiver who had 1,356 last year that only has 359 this year. His name is Jaylen Waddle and he needs to be featured not just be, simply, the other receiver.

Nobody is saying that Tyreek isn't the man but having him run a marathon every week along with taking hits isn't the way. Get Waddle involved all game.

I say all game because we've seen some games this year where you can clearly see Mike McDaniel make it a point to get the ball to Waddle. But then you see Waddle get two targets in the second half. If the Dolphins are going to make a serious run to the playoffs and beyond, Jaylen Waddle needs to be a firmer part of the offensive scheme.

No better time to let everyone know, like Kansas City, that the Dolphins have not one but two studs at receiver this week.

I wouldn't doubt that Waddle isn't still feeling the effects of last week. I think the entire team walked away feeling beat up. If Waddle is near 100%, he needs to be asked to potentially carry the receiving duties because there is zero reason to stress Hill. Waddle has the talent to do it. Just need to call his number in a non-forcing him-the-ball kind of way.

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