3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to keep the good times rolling vs the Denver Broncos

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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Xavien Howard, DeVante Parker
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

Take advantage of the gifts Russell Wilson will give you

If you look at the stats for Russell Wilson, you'll see a guy who appears to have started the year on a high note. 5/1 TD/INT ratio with a 108.5 rating. That's really good.

If you actually went back and watched the games, you would have seen a player who is very fortunate to not have more INTs due to serving up some bad passes. He also lost a fumble last week while missing open receivers.

This is what the Dolphin's defense needs to take advantage of. When Wilson gives you an opportunity to take it away, you need to take it away.

Not only that but when Russ is doing his scramble thing that was effective years ago but not so much anymore, the defense needs to take him to the ground. Russ will give chances to sack him because he simply can't help it just like he can't help but give everyone he is around second-hand-embarrassment. Just ask his coach how bad it feels to watch Russ do anything.

Let's not act like Russ can't play at all. He's capable of making plays and we know how much he loves to go deep. I'm saying he's going to give the Dolphin's defense a few chances to flip the field or even take a ball to the house for six.