3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to keep the good times rolling vs the Denver Broncos

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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De'Von Achane, Lawrence Guy Sr.
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Get De'Von Achane and Cam Smith more involved

We know that Salvon Ahmed has a groin injury and at best will be questionable to play on Sunday. We know that the Dolphins are a bit hesitant at the moment to play Chris Brooks. That's fine. They have De'Von Achane who say his first action last week.

What can I say about how Achane played against the Patriots other than he looked fine. He caught his only target for five yards and moved forward when he had the ball. Great start.

Now with the possibility of Ahmed being out, Achane needs to get a few more touches to spell Raheem Mostert who looks incredible right now.

Mostert is the man. Nobody is denying that. But we know it will not bode well for him if we try and make him into a 90s running back and I think McDaniel knows that as well. Take the restrictor plates off and get Achane about 8ish touches and that will be good for everybody.

As for Cam Smith, I think he needs to play more. I actually don't hate how Eli Apple is playing. Eli Apple is like a Summer action movie. If you're expecting a Martin Scorese-level movie, you've made a terrible mistake. To me, Apple is playing how he plays. He gives up some mind-numbing plays but then he makes a few good ones. It is what it is.

Having said that, Cam Smith, who is a second-rounder, needs to see some increased snaps. Of course, if Fangio and Renaldo Hill don't think he's ready I guess keep doing what you're doing. All I'm saying is that Kader Kohou was undrafted last year.