3 sneaky keys the Miami Dolphins need to turn to keep the good times rolling vs the Denver Broncos

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No bad snaps or missed field goals

You may be thinking to yourself that having no bad snaps or missed field goals isn't that sneaky to make the sneak keys list. I get that that if you were ranking the three sneaky keys I listed these would easily be ranked last in terms of sneakiness. No argument here.

But the biggest negatives anyone has about the Miami Dolphins right now is that for whatever reason Connor Williams and Tua can't execute snaps even in victory formation and that Jason Sanders can't make a kick from 50+

We saw last week on a critical 3rd down, where Tua was under center, that he couldn't handle the snap. We've seen snaps out of the shotgun go high and low. This can't be a thing. Figure it out. It doesn't matter whose fault each one is. You're professional football players who have been playing long enough to get something ironed out that you need to have squared away in grade school.

Jason Sanders needs to be better or he will be gone. I know his contract is large and cutting may not exactly be an option but this team, any team needs to be able to make 50+ field goals. He's 4-13 from 50+ since 2021. I don't want to hear about Belichick and his innovative kick block from last week getting in Sanders' head on the second one. Like the snapping situation, figure it out.

By the Way- Our song of the week comes from The Sleeping. The Sleeping is a band that I listened a ton to in college 15 years ago. I haven't listened to them much since and for some reason, this song popped into my head the other day. I listened to the album the other day and it really took me back. Still holds up.

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