3 strategies Mike McDaniel needs to embrace to not have a repeat performance vs. the Chargers

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Tyreek Hill
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Screen passes, just a few more screen passes

I feel like many of us thought that because of Tyreek Hill's and Jaylen Waddle's next-level speed, we would see more screen passes to them near the line of scrimmage. It might have only happened about five times last year. I get it, other stuff worked very well until it didn't like how it didn't against the Chargers.

If the Chargers are so concerned with the middle of the field, and they should be, then quick hitters to your wonderful receiver core could and should get yards. Even Braxton Berrios and Erik Ezukanma involved in the screen game, I think, will pay off.

And as I said about running the ball more, the idea is to get the Chargers to change up what they do so that you can utilize what and more importantly where Tua likes to throw the ball the most which is the middle of the field.

But the quick-hitting screen passes bolstered with the prideful blocking of the receivers can very well make the 2nd and 3rd down more manageable or who knows, go the distance.