3 things I'm looking for out of the Miami Dolphins in this hallowed dress rehearsal week game against the Texans

Quarterbacks Skylar Thompson (19) and Mike White (14) lead the Miami Dolphins on the field before an
Quarterbacks Skylar Thompson (19) and Mike White (14) lead the Miami Dolphins on the field before an / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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Dress rehearsal week used to mean so much a few years ago. Dress rehearsal week, in case you are uninitiated, is the week in the preseasn where each coach of an NFL franchise would play their starters the most out of the four preseason games they get. It was the last chance for us fans to get a glimpse of our squad filled with starters before week one because anyone who is anyone would not be suiting up for the final preseason game unless they're Steven Glansberg or something.

Now because society has deemed it so that four preseason games are too much, we only get three chances for players to go out there and put themselves on film.

It begs the question; is this actually dress rehearsal week or is it potentially next week? Scholars argue for both. I think this week is the true dress rehearsal week because I consider whatever game before the last scheduled preseason game to be the game where players and coaches get their gameday routine in place. But, I am open to debate.

The Miami Dolphins, after joint practicing with the Houston Texans for a few days, will be playing them on Saturday and it will actually be broadcasted on NFL Network at 4 PM. For the second week in a row, the offense has been reported as shaky, and dare I saw uninspiring. Sure there are good plays and players who are flashing but I think most of thought that year two in Mike McDaniel's system would be yielding bigger fruit.

I understand that practices are exactly that, practice. So when Tua and Mike McDaniel come out and keep preaching about they're experimenting with different guys in different spots in different formations and it's what is leading to mistakes, I guess I'll just go with that. I do like the idea of seeing what works and what doesn't. If they want to treat portions of joint practices like an open mic at the V-Spot(real northeast PA deep cut) I can appreciate that. It's important to flush out all the dedicated and clever 20-somethings working out their original Tinder and Trump material so that you can get to your more polished bits such as being down on french fries but preferring dictator tots(a one-liner joke I thought was much funnier than it is).

The game on Saturday is meaningless but that doesn't mean that stuff that happens within the game doesn't matter. There are several things I want to see get accomplished out there on this sacred dress rehearsal week.