3 things I want to see in the Miami Dolphins preseason game against the Falcons

Miami Dolphins defensive backs huddle in front of a sold out crowd at training camp at Baptist
Miami Dolphins defensive backs huddle in front of a sold out crowd at training camp at Baptist / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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Good on you for making it this far. The offseason can be a painful one for some. But, we finally are here to witness Miami Dolphins football, sort of. The Dolphins start their preseason campaign on Friday against the Atlanta Falcons, the team that they had two joint practices with this week.

You've seen the reports as have I and the most overacrhing takeaway that I see the most is that the Dolphin's offense, which should be better due to bringing everyone back and being in Mike McDaniel's system for a second year, looks kind of rough.

Now to be fair, I don't think I came across any team report stating that anyone's offense is absolutely killing it. But, it would have been nice if there wasn't so much concern about one particular aspect of the Dolphins and it's an aspect all of us went through the winter and Spring acting like maybe it would solve itself either through magic or voodoo and that is the offensive line.

Because it's the first preseason game, there is about a 100% chance we don't see Terron Armstead or even Connor Williams. This means it will also be tough to really get any reading on how the offensive line looks in an actual game.

But we will see Austin Jackson and Liam Eichenberg who are being reported up to their old tricks again which is getting bulldozed on the regular. It's a big game for them because if they play poorly it might be the straw that breaks Chris Grier's stubbordness about acquiring more offensive line help.

Obviously, I'll be watching those two guys in particular. But there are other players and aspects of the game I will be paying close attention to. Naturally, the score doesn't matter besides that I will be taking the over because overs hit now in the preseason. But there are some guys I am excited to see and some processes I want to see improved if you know what I mean and if you do want to know what I mean, just keep reading.