3 things I want to see the Miami Dolphins get done in their final preseason game vs. the Jaguars

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
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This will be the last time we get to see the Miami Dolphins in action until they strap'em up for real in two weeks, I thought last week was going to be more or less the Dolphins "dress rehearsal week" where the starters were going to play but it appears Mike McDaniel wants to see more out of them. He said he expects Tua and the starters to get more than a series but less than a half. I guess we can call that to be roughly a quarter's worth of snaps.

Works for me. The offense did good things last week besides the opening play. Perhaps, McDaniel wants to see more of the starters or potential starters on the offensive line along with Tua getting more comfortable with them. I'm for it for a few series.

It's an important game because if any player is on the fringe to make the final 53, it's the last time to show what they have in a real game setting. On August 27th, the entire league will be cutting around 1,504 players as teams get from 90 to 53. Obviously, Miami will be no different and will have to make some tough cuts along with deciding what players head to the 14-man practice squad. So yeah, tomorrow matters.

After the 27th, we will have a better understanding of who will be the starters but I think some things will still be up in the air such as running back. We all are aware that the Miami Dolphins are looking to acquire Jonathan Taylor and apparently, there is a Tuesday deadline for a deal to get done. I have no idea if Taylor is coming to Miami. It be cool if he did but I'd also be fine if Miami gives a low offer, gets denied, and that's that. It's been reported that has already happened so I guess we'll see if there is another offer. But let's be honest, the way the Dolphins are going about the running back position it's likely they will have eyes for Christian McCaffrey or Nick Chubb by around next Thursday.

Even though it's the last preseason game before the season there are still things to get done that will put the Miami Dolphins in a better position to succeed come week one. Here are the things I want to see get done.