3 things the Miami Dolphins need to change now to find success in 2024

There are a few things that the 2024 Miami Dolphins must change if they're seriously looking for a different result.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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A serious conversation about whether Mike McDaniel should relinquish playcalling needs to be had.

Mike McDaniel alluded to this when he and Chris Grier had their end-of-the-year press conference where they didn't say anything at all. He said that all options are on the table in trying to make the Miami Dolphins better which includes play-calling.

I think we have tons of evidence that Mike McDaniel is very good at play design but he isn't that good at play-calling and managing the team on game day at the same time. We've seen him mess up obvious game management-type moments whether it's having communication issues or just doing the opposite of what everyone in the world would do at a given moment.

I also think if you were to give McDaniel truth serum he would tell you some of his play calls such as the lack of downfield passing against the Chiefs had more to do with him knowing Tua couldn't do what he ultimately would want. rather than the weather or what the Chiefs were presenting to him on defense.

I don't 100% know if McDaneil should give up play-calling. I'm learning that he should because I've seen what it looks like when he's doing both in the biggest of games. This means that Frank Smith, who is interviewing for head coaching jobs, would be next in line to call the plays. I think I would like to see what that would look like.

All options are on the table so seeing how something looks that could help, I think, at the very least needs to be discussed and possibly implemented.

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