3 things the Miami Dolphins need to figure out over the bye week

It's the bye week meaning it's the perfect time for the Miami Dolphins to start figuring some things out.
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Braxton Berrios, Josiah Scott
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Mike McDaniel needs to figure out the 3rd receiver situation.

It seems like it's Cedrick Wilson but I couldn't tell you who the 3rd trusted wide receiver is on the Miami Dolphins. If it is Cedrick Wilson, then these miscommunications that have happened and certainly culminated on the second to last play of the game need to be 100% figured out.

Whether it is Cedrick Wilson, Braxton Berrios, Chase Claypool, or River Cracraft, having somebody that can be relied on to, at least a little bit, take some pressure off of Tyreek Hill needs to be more established.

If the Miami Dolphins are going to treat Jaylen Waddle like just a nice complimentary receiver and not the pro-bowl-caliber guy we've seen over the last two seasons someone needs to step up and take this role.

I'm sure Waddle's usage is due largely to all the injuries he has racked up. The guy gets hurt one way or the other seemingly every game and credit to him he keeps on playing. But he catches the ball in basically one spot on the field. That spot is about 15-20 yards down one of the seams. It's one of the Dolphin's go-to routes for him and they do it very well.

You would think that McDaniel would want to use a guy with the talents of Jaylen Waddle on more than one route, which is a simplistic way of looking at it. But until I see more production with getting the ball in other ways besides that one reverse they run a game with Waddle, I'm thinking he gets the ball on one route.

Ultimately, a 3rd man needs to be determined because I think teams know the ball is going to Hill and defenses will only get better at keeping him at bay as the year goes forward.