3 things the Miami Dolphins need to figure out over the bye week

It's the bye week meaning it's the perfect time for the Miami Dolphins to start figuring some things out.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Can Tua Tagovailoa move a little more or no?

Look, I get the spot that Mike McDaniel and the Miami Dolphins are in. After what happened last year with all of Tua's official and not official concussions and the fact that Tua is a person who needs to be functional as he gets older is paramount.

But is Tua allowed or can he coached more to use his legs in spots more often?

This isn't in response to the ridiculously dumb ESPN segment they had last night where the brainiac affectionally called Sawgu asked out loud if Tua was scared back in the pocket. Talk about a dumb take but if you're talking ESPN, you're talking dumb takes on the regular.

This is about this offense crumbling when pressure comes to Tua's front door. We've seen all the car analogies said about the offense for weeks and we heard them even louder after Sunday morning. As lame as they are, there is truth to what is being said. When Tua is pressured and forced to move his body the play typically goes nowhere.

Well, Mike McDaniel needs to fix that and it needs to be fixed now.

I'm not saying it's easy to fix this glaring problem but maybe having more short or hot routes built into plays that Tua needs to go to instead of always looking to go downfield helps this. Obviously, running the ball more efficiently will help but a philosophical approach needs to be figured out and that is whether Tua is allowed to take off and run/extend plays with his legs or not.

If he isn't permitted to do that I fully get it. Preserving him is for many reasonsmentioned some outside of football are quite important. If that is what it is then alternatives on what to do when pressure is coming need to be ironed out as I mentioned in the paragraph above this one.

There's time to improve everything that I have listed here in this article and doesn't all have to be fixed during the bye week. There is still half a season left to be played meaning the NFL we see today will likely look drastically different in six weeks. I hope the Dolphins look different in some areas in six weeks. They need to if they're serious about winning it all.

Yes, the Miami Dolphins are in 1st place in the AFC East but do you feel good about it or do you feel they aren't going on the road and beating Cincinnati, Kansas City, or Baltimore? I want to get to the feeling of confidence against those teams on the road. That's why things need to get figured out.

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