3 things the Miami Dolphins need to learn from the 4 conference championship teams

The conference championships teams are set and there are some common threads with them all that the Miami Dolphins should look to replicate.
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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The conference championship games are set after some fantastic games from this past weekend. Hopefully, the Miami Dolphins noted some common characteristics of the four teams left in the playoffs.

Each team left in the playoffs has its own thing going on with how they run their team and how they play. But I saw enough common threads between the Ravens, 49ers, Lions, and Chiefs.

It doesn't take a structural engineer like Michael Scofield (shout out to my Prison Break fans) to realize that the Miami Dolphins are far behind the teams still playing for a Lombardi trophy. Yes, all teams are flawed in some way or another, but the amount of ways the Miami Dolphins are flawed compared to these teams is startling.

What's even worse is that the bill is due for the Miami Dolphins, and even though the cap can be manipulated in an infinite of ways to benefit you, eventually, you have to pay for all that manipulation. The Miami Dolphins have to start paying for selling out this past season. Trying to achieve everything listed in this article will be even more challenging.

But, if the Dolphins are serious about winning, like really serious about winning and I don't just mean winning one playoff game, these concepts, ideas, and philosophies must be mostly met. Not all of them ultimately, but probably some form of all of them need to be accomplished because if the Miami Dolphins try and do what they usually do, they will be nothing more than a stain on the bottom of the shoes of the Ravens and Chiefs.