3 things the Miami Dolphins should learn from each Super Bowl team

The Miami Dolphins would be wise to approach big games like each of the teams playing in the Super Bowl
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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For the Miami Dolphins to legit conted, Tua needs to at least get to Brock Purdy's level.

Did you watch Brock Purdy put all his chips on the table and go all in that second half especially the 4th quarter for the second week in a row? Did you see that guy simply say I'm doing everything I humanly can to move this team forward? I for sure did and I hope Tua Tagovailoa did as well.

Purdy and Tua get linked with each other often due to similar physical makeups and how they are asked to distribute the ball in a well-schemed system. But Brock Purdy in these playoffs had rough first halfs in each game and then in the second half of each, he upped his game-making play after play.

Purdy is a better athlete than this current version of Tua. That can't be refuted. But, Tua doesn't need to play like he's Dan Marino post Achilles surgery when he was wearing a ski boot. Tua, though he gained weight to help protect himself from injury, should be able to move more.

Purdy's ability to make plays out of nothing and when the defense was daring him to run, was the ultimate difference in the game. His scrambles produced 49 yards rushing and he hit a few receivers big-time completions in clutch spots.

Tua needs to at least get to that level of play. He doesn't have to do it all but he needs to be more than a bystander out there in the big spots. If the play turns out that his running is the play to be made, he needs to have no restrictions or second thoughts about running it.

Tua needs that club in his bag and he needs to develop it this offseason. If he doesn't this team isn't going to win anything of note.

The defenses raise their game in deep in the playoffs. Tua must do the same.