3 things the Miami Dolphins should learn from each Super Bowl team

The Miami Dolphins would be wise to approach big games like each of the teams playing in the Super Bowl
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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Mike McDaniel needs to have the Miami Dolphins able to be maluable.

Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and he played wonderfully against the Ravens. In the first half, he carved them up over and over again.

The Ravens wanted to see if Mahomes would get the ball out of his hand fast by bringing pressure and Mahomes kept hurting them right where they were bringing pressure. It was beautiful to watch Mahomes not at all feel the slightest bit nervous.

Then in the second half, Andy Ried decided to put the ball in the freezer and gave the Ravens a major dose of Isiah Pacheco. Sure the passing game was working but Reid had full confidence in his defense stopping Lamar Jackson and the very Miami-like abandoning the run game plan they went with.

That confidence in his defense prompted Reid to chew the clock and put pressure on Lamar. It worked out and it showed that having a game plan that is fluid is really the way to go.

The Chiefs showed that they have multiple ways they can win big games. It can be Mahomes with his band of substandard receivers or it can be Pacheco doing his best Marion Barber impersonation grinding out yards and first downs.

The Miami Dolphins need to have multiple ways to win just so that they can be in a position to win any kind of game regardless of the weather or what the other team is doing.